Deterministic, Stochastics, Predictive
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Deterministic, Stochastics, Predictive
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Deterministic, Stochastics, Predictive
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Deterministic, Stochastics, Predictive
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Deterministic, Stochastics, Predictive
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Actuarial Solutions

Todays actuaries must embrace the growth of big data, machine learning and predictive modelling, as well as manage changing compliance requirements. We work hand-in-hand with leading actuarial societies, mathematicians and technologists to develop practical solutions for actuaries and actuarial organizations.

Fig 1. In support of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ (NAIC) Principle Based Reserved (PBR) valuation requirements, we designed, built and deployed the web based SOA Relative Risk Tool to the actuarial community.

Our multi-disciplinary process means that not only are our solutions fast and innovative, but they are designed with exceptional usability and data visualization experience at the core.

Fig 2.   Globebyte successfully designed and built an R Console, deployed in the context of the Society of Actuaries’ Predictive Analytics e-Learning course, that can be utilised as embedded content or standalone application.

Other recent successes include:

With modelling expertise including regression, geospatial and temporal, we build our solutions using the latest proven web, database and cloud stacks modelling in RJulia Python C# MatlabIDL or Mathematica depending on customer needs and the challenge they have.

We also assist actuarial organisations in communicating with their members, developing future actuaries and advancing the profession through education initiatives.

Naturally, the solutions we develop operate across all device profiles including mobile and tablet.

If you have a finance, risk or actuarial technology need call us on +44 (0)208 541 3426

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Learning Solutions

We design, develop and manage professional development learning technology for professional and corporate customers

Actuarial Solutions

We work hand-in-hand with leading societies, mathematicians and technologists to develop practical solutions for actuaries

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As a full service house we take clients from design to deployment, including back-office integration

Applied Research

Big brands come to us to have their assumptions validated and generalized into client-driven solutions