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Behavior, Internet of Things & Amazon AWS

This project is currently active and we will post updates as we reach key milestones. Do check back regularly or get in touch to be added to the project’s interest group list.


Understand how cognitive processes can be positively influenced by IoT (healthcare / lifestyle)

Main technology in play:


1.0 Behavioural Change N.B. Notes for reference

See Fogg’s model behaviormodel.org/triggers
cf. Shikakeology springer.com/article esp. Table 1. “Shikake trigger matrix”


re. Robert Puff Ph.D. “Meditation for Modern Life”
In short at “Awareness: The Cornerstone of Changing Our Behavior”
and a different perspective at thecut.com/2014/07/awareness-is-overrated


See “Accountability: a missing construct in models of adherence behavior and in clinical practice”


Focus in the context of “mindfulness” mindful-matters.net/to-change-behavior-change-your-focus/
esp. “Focussing on the process instead of the prize” medium.com/the-mission/focusing-on-the-process-instead-of-the-prize


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