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Decide to be Exceptional

We are a full-service house able to take clients from concept through strategy, design, implementation and onto deployment. Experts in research-based strategy development and lovers of our individual crafts. We believe everybody can be exceptional.

The Process
We become your brand, and work closely with you to formulate your strategy; whether it be to develop a new product, improve internal processes or extend your market.

Globebyte constructed a dedicated and innovative team to create the user interface who were really prepared to understand our business in order to develop the broadband vision we had of a convergent PC and TV service.


As self-motivated members of a tight knit team, we are fervent artists, designers, developers and engineers. Research-based and prototype supported, we deliver you a strategy where the experience works.

Make it Art
Our creative teams develop beautiful visual stories that align with the strategy.

Radical! Just what we needed.


Thanks again to you and the team for this brilliant work as it is looking fantastic. I think this release is a big differentiator for us and takes us to another level, again.


We have secured our reputation for delivering stunning visual narratives to support project strategies. A rigorous UX design process ensures these are proven, and ready for digital blueprinting.

Scrum Down
The best and leading technology coupled with exceptional developer talent, exceptional processes and exceptional commitment means we always deliver in time and to a quality that has never been surpassed.

The project is about developing two-way communications that place the customer at the heart of business processes, developing ‘learning relationships’. Globebyte assisted us in clearly defining our customers’ needs and wants, both internally and externally, and then embarked on the ambitious and successful development.


Masters in Open Source (Angular to ReactMySQL to MongoNode to PHP), heavy hitters in corporate (.NetMicrosoft SQLC#ColdFusionEpiserverSitecore) and tamers of the SAS and cloud monsters (Amazon AWSMicrosoft Azure, Google Cloud/Firebase, IBM Cloud/Watson).

We develop for all platforms including desktop, iOS, Android and web progressive.

Take on the World
We help you to analyse and learn from the strategy, even after deployment. We don’t just break when your deadline has been met; we stand by you to ensure success. We help keep you live and ahead of your market.

“Thank you for all your work and more importantly the expertise you bring to our team and the profession. The ground-breaking work we’ve achieved with your team has garnered attention not only from SOA staff, volunteers but also from members and candidates worldwide. That is pretty impressive!”


Globebyte people are committed to supporting the values and objectives of our clients and their brands. We strive to cement relationships that continue to add brand and asset value for all.

Just some of our clients

If you have a corporate technology need call us on +44 (0)208 541 3426

Globebyte London

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Corporate Services

New Competencies

We are currently developing two new competencies:

Microsoft PowerApps for Business and Microsoft Mixed Reality for Business

If you are interested in joining our customer uptake group while we develop these competencies get in touch.

Decide to be Exceptional

Globebyte Professional Technology Services

Learning Solutions

We design, develop and manage professional development learning technology for professional and corporate customers

Actuarial Solutions

We work hand-in-hand with leading societies, mathematicians and technologists to develop practical solutions for actuaries

Corporate Services

As a full service house we take clients from design to deployment, including back-office integration

Applied Research

Big brands come to us to have their assumptions validated and generalized into client-driven solutions