Assess with AI

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Problems solved

  • Lengthy and complex assessments.
  • Manual and slow grading processes.
  • A lack of scoring rubrics in complex learning programs.
  • Inaccurate and unfair grading.
  • A lack of AI Technology in assessment.


  • Real-time feedback to learners.
  • Plagiarism detection.
  • Aligned scoring systems and rubrics.
  • Automation of grading.
  • Faster, equitable assessment processes.
  • Reduced complexity and higher pass rates.

Assess with AI

Lengthy, complex assessments and manual grading processes lead to slow, inaccurate, and unfair grading. Globebyte’s Assess service streamlines the assessment process with predictive analytics and AI technology, delivering better experiences and results for learners and graders.

Assess is our answer to the complexities of the modern educational assessment process. By employing AI technology, we offer services that range from partially automating grading to providing real-time feedback. This approach not only enhances the fairness and equity of assessments but also significantly reduces the time lag between examinations and results.

Additionally, our AI algorithms are adept at identifying and eliminating plagiarism, ensuring the integrity of the assessment process.