Engage and retain

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Problems solved

  • High delivery cost.
  • Low course engagement and completion rates.
  • A lack of personalised learning.
  • Limited tutoring and collaboration.
  • High dropout rates.
  • Poor information recall and results.


  • Assistance and automated tutor support.
  • Personalizing learning strategies.
  • Advanced learning and optimized content.
  • Cohort collaboration.
  • Higher retention.
  • Improved learner outcomes.

Engage and retain

Unengaging learning programs with a lack of personalised learning, lead to high dropout rates. Globebyte’s Learn service delivers AI-powered tutoring for optimized engagement, targeted learning interventions and better results.

Learn represents our vision of a future where learning is personalized, efficient, and AI-driven. By integrating structured analytics with your educational goals, Learn provides a sophisticated AI-powered tutor that offers targeted interventions, significantly improving learning outcomes.

Whether it’s through diagnostic, summative, or ongoing analysis, the service ensures that learners remain supported and motivated. Its ability to tailor interventions based on individual learning styles and employ strategies like spaced repetition or Feynman-based conversations sets a new standard in education technology.