Real-time data driven decisions

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Problems solved

  • Disorganized data.
  • An inability to deliver learning programs.
  • Inefficient learning journeys.
  • A lack of collaboration and communication.
  • An inability to use AI.


  • Insights and predictive outcomes.
  • Enhanced performance data.
  • Faster learner interventions.
  • Streamlined reporting, better decision-making and continuous improvement.

Real-time data driven decisions

In learning systems, disorganized data leads to problems: ineffective use of AI, an inability to personalize learning, an inefficient learning journey and reduced collaboration. Globebyte’s Measure service allows you to integrate and structure learning systems and data for real-time insights.

At the core of our Measure service lies the commitment to transforming your learning systems by deeply analyzing and structuring your data. This integration facilitates the generation of real-time, actionable insights powered by AI.

Our expert team work with your systems, harmonizing disparate learning metrics and ensuring seamless data flow. This not only enhances learner performance data quality but also enables predictive outcomes and powerful learning interventions.