Globebyte xAPI for Salesforce®

Globebyte xAPI facilitates the transmission of learning xAPI Experiences from Flow and Apex business processes to your Learning Resource Store (LRS) without the need for manual construction of xAPI data structures.

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Understanding xAPI

Experience API (xAPI) is a Learning specification designed to streamline data collection from diverse learning experiences, whether online or offline. By utilizing a standardized data format, xAPI ensures seamless integration across various systems.

Key Features of xAPI

  • Extensive Data Collection: Captures learning data from a wide array of environments, ensuring no learning experience is overlooked.
  • Flexible Statement Structure: Customizable “[actor] [verb] [object]” statements enable precise tracking of relevant learning activities.
  • Integration and Interoperability: Facilitates sharing and analyzing learning data across different platforms, enhancing overall learning effectiveness.

Core Components

  • Statements: Describe learning activities in a structured format.
  • Learning Record Store (LRS): A secure repository for storing and managing xAPI statements, ensuring efficient data communication.

Integration Benefits

Seamless Integration with Salesforce Workflows

Globebyte xAPI integrates with Salesforce by leveraging existing Flows and Apex processes. This guarantees smooth implementation with minimal setup and configuration requirements.

Conversion to xAPI Statements

By using Globebyte xAPI to translate Salesforce user interactions and data flows into standardized xAPI statements, Globebyte xAPi ensures accurate and consistent capture of critical information while reducing administrative overhead.

Comprehensive Learning Insights

Aggregating detailed insights on learning behaviors, preferences, and performance metrics from Salesforce activities enables organizations to make informed decisions on admissions, training strategies, and overall outcomes.

Enhanced Data Consistency with Education Cloud Data Model

For users employing Salesforce’s Education Cloud Data Model, Globebyte xAPI provides standardization opportunities that result in more reliable datasets for analysis and reporting purposes.

Where to get Globebyte xAPI for Salesforce®

You can install the free version of Globebyte xAPI for Salesforce® from Salesforce AppExchange by searching on Globebyte xAPI.

More Information

For more information and implementation details, browse the documentation below:

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